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About us

Capital Realty Group is a leading private equity real estate group focusing on the preservation, acquisition, redevelopment and management of affordable housing communities across the United States. Bringing together sound financial analysis, comprehensive asset management, and a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, we are positioned to continue our rapid growth as a major force in the affordable housing industry. Since 2004, Capital Realty Group has been involved in the acquisition, redevelopment and operation of over 17801 affordable housing units in 27 states.

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Why Us

Capital Realty Group has deep expertise in the acquisition, development and management of affordable housing communities. We have a proven track record in closing even the most complex transactions and, following closing, we take proactive steps to safeguard the affordability and quality of multifamily housing for our residents. Our ability to enhance the quality of properties is a result of strong industry relationships, strategic acquisitions criteria, and a value-focused approach to asset management.

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